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NotQuiteLost: Colored Sunglasses Handed Out at CC

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:49 pm
by robsclone
(I'm silly and the last post wasn't very clear, sorry for repost...)

On Wednesday(ish?), somebody was walking around Center Camp, handing out tons of these colored sunglasses. They were all sorts of colors, wrap-around-like and they were amazing.

Then, later on, somewhere else, I gave mine away. Which is cool, I don't want them back, but I'd like to find me a new pair out here, post-burn.

So I'm looking for anybody else that was given one of these crazy sweet glasses so maybe I can get a picture or find some identifying marks to figure out where they came from. All I remember was something about 400% UV?

Anyway. Thanks for the help!