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LOST Panasonic Lumix camera DMC-XS1 (RED) with pink case

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:23 pm
by Berber
Hi fellow Burners,

This was my first year at BM and I very sadly lost my red Panasonic Lumix camera on Thursday night last week, potentially around the Music Savages camp near Distrikt on 9 and G. It was covered in a pink case, which had a yellow tag with the name of the camp I was staying in and reads: "Belongs to Shift Camp".

The camera has amazing pictures and memories and I would be very happy to get it back!! It may have been returned either with or without the case. I’ve attached a picture of the camera and of myself so that whoever may have found it can recognize the person in the pictures.

Thank you so much in advance…

xx Berber