LOST - white iPhone 4s with crack on upper left

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LOST - white iPhone 4s with crack on upper left

Post by jamaisvu » Fri Sep 27, 2013 10:20 am

Hi family,

I don't give a shit about the phone, but I was using it to take pictures. ALL THE MEMORIES! I also had a few disposable cameras which were brought to a drugstore to be developed and when I went to pick them up two had been LOST and one roll came out all black (serves me right for going to CVS) and maybe John Frum just doesn't want me to have any documentation of this burn, but I still have to try. So...

My white iPhone 4s was lost somewhere around 8:30 - 9:30(???) or near the three-tiered couch tower at sunrise one magical day

It had a semi-transparent brown-hued case with a geometric pattern
It is cracked in the front upper left hand corner, where the "selfie" camera is
If you turn it on, the picture on the lock screen is of a rainbow over a landscape, hitting a yellow road sign that says "END"

Thanks so much! I need to prove to myself that I actually rode around topless in a furry mutant vehicle filled with UN soldiers!

Or was it all a dream???

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