Lost: Canon PowerShot SD970 IS, possibly in pink case

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Lost: Canon PowerShot SD970 IS, possibly in pink case

Postby shirlspawn » Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:29 am

Hello! I lost my Canon Elph (SD 970 IS) 12 megapixel camera on the night of the 27th or 28th, most likely it fell out of my bag my bike fell over in the middle of the playa somewhere near the "Believe" piece. I went back to look for it when I realized I'd lost it, but it was too dark to see the ground and I'd run out of water, so I gave up. Camera was in a dingy pink "Built" brand neoprene case when I lost it, although it may have fallen out of the case in the fall. The case had my Cargo Cult ticket stub in it which I'd love to get back for sentimental purposes. I hadn't taken many pics yet since it was early in the week, but in addition to several years' worth (so many, I can't remember exactly what was on there) of old pix of family trips, a bunch of pictures from France, and pictures of friends at various costume events that were still on there, the last pictures takenwere of my flight into BRC, and of some of the art at night.

If found, please please please contact me at shirlspawn@hotmail.com.
Thanks so much,

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