LOST and Heartbroken! Canon Camera, Case, and DL

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LOST and Heartbroken! Canon Camera, Case, and DL

Post by OneWhoWanders » Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:34 am

Hi there!

I'm trying to recover my camera, SD card, case, and driver's license, and am hoping to high playa that one of you wonderful humans has possession of these items! I lost the items late Burn Night/early Sunday Morning. Following is a rather in-depth description:

The contents were in a small, neon pink CaseLogic camera case with 2 zipper pockets and a carabiner attached to the top of it (although the carabiner may have fallen off, thus resulting in the loss of the case and the items inside). There was nothing in the small front pocket, while my camera and drivers license were in the large, main pocket.

The camera is a small, dark grey Canon Digital Elph PowerShot point-and-shoot. Inside of the camera's memory card compartment was either an 8 or 16 GB SD card containing pictures spanning from last year's Burn to this year's Burn Night and everything in between (i.e. trips to Disneyland, various other endeavors, and so on). I believe the very first photograph was of a large military green camera case on my kitchen counter, while the last pictures taken were of The Man burning this year. The most distinguishing pictures from this year include shots from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning - these photos depict (1) both my partner and I inside of the New Orleans Core regional effigy kneeling before the wooden cutout of The Man, (2) my partner and I standing beneath the Israeli/Midburn Core Regional Effigy reaching up towards the eye in the center of the hand, and (3) several pictures of the Mayan Warrior art car, in addition to masses of bike riders headed towards Robot Heart - both at sunrise. There are also a number of pictures of me on Friday afternoon (petite, Caucasian, large tattoos on my back, left arm, and hip, with long blonde and blue braids, sporting rainbow pasties, skirt, and leg warmers) after the Critical Tits Ride posing in front of and under the infamous female Truth is Beauty sculpture AND on the side of The Church Trap installation.

Additionally inside the main compartment was my Nevada Driver's License. First name: Aimee, Birthday: December 28, 1985, Address: Reno, NV.

If you so happen to have these items, or know of someone who does - please contact me directly via email. I check it regularly and will respond with more specific contact information ASAP. I can be reached at: aimeemarievi@gmail.com

Thank you so very, very much!

Aimee aka "Venus"
A poorly memed picture of the camera case while still in my possession.

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