lost panasonic lumix

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lost panasonic lumix

Post by boingospy » Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:24 am


well my camera went to the playa this year. it was a black panasonic lumix camera am not sure on the model number but this picture is the closest one i could find and am almost sure it was a 10 mega pixels also. it has a digital touch screen, no camra strap or anything just the camera it was in a small zipper up camera case with a small pocket on front with zipper on the side," like just big enough to fit memory cards. i beleive the pouch had a bit of orange on it and it was not the original pouch so i am not sure what or even if it said anything on it. and it had a slit on the back to put on a belt hahahaah guess i should of done that! :) am not sure on the memory card that was in it at the time but it could of been a red scandisk that pops out where the battery is but am not sure on the exact kind of memory card am almost sure i didnt get more than a few picts of this years burn, since it disappeared early in the week and the one pict i do recall if i did get any cause last time i remember having it was at the stuff animal adoption place and myself and my friend "she" where sticking our head threw those funny character cut out. it had last years burn on it had a picture of a biz card deep of someone i meet last year within the pictures i dont remember his name or number but it did start with area code 970 - i did have a bunch of pictures from washington with grandma and my nephews right before burning man this year well thanks so much for all the hard work and all that you burners do in getting things back to people-thanks a ton! i know its a long shot but who knows playa-dippity! thanks
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