LOST: Stainless Steel insulated cup at EVERYWHERE Pavillion

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LOST: Stainless Steel insulated cup at EVERYWHERE Pavillion

Postby toomuchrock4onehand » Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:34 pm

Go home, regional contact, you're drunk.

As I was filling in my regional info at the Everywhere Pavillion I put down my silver stainless steel insulated cup. I got all excited about adding my region to a map that doesn't have Vancouver Island as existing. I spent some time creating an island and deciding how to best add my lovely slice of the world to our dusty world. I guess I was too excited and left without my cup.

-SIGG stainless steel insulated cup
-long, cylindrical, with a black plastic D-ring on top (looks like this when it's not 6 years old and well-loved: http://www.thisnext.com/item/47D96775/S ... Bottle-75L)
-covered in stickers (the most notable being a yellow \m/ sign)
-has a couple of really big dents in it. Ask me how those came to be!
-left in the Everywhere Pavillion (6:30 & Esplanade) Tues night/Weds morning

At least I flailed it in the most responsible space of the event. Le sigh.

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