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MISC. stuff lost in lost BIKE and Brown leather FANNY PACK

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:47 pm
by brukey
Were you floating on some clouds Friday night and happened to take my bike in place of yours?
It was set outside the bar of Vamp Camp. When I went to find my bike the only one left there was an old red vintage schwinn with toilet paper and rainbow ankle sleeves I will post in the FOUND bikes section.

It is a green Vintage Schwinn with the oringinal brown seat. OG everything.
I had it decorated with some scarves covering the seat one being grey and white.
Lights zip tied into front and back wheel spokes (blue and purple)
I had mainly pink but multi colored patterned fabric wrapped around the handle bars and center bar covered in green and pink mini fairy lights.
The Basket- that thing looked like a purple cookie monster- a fuzzy purple cover for the basket with a blue trim.
and INSIDE the basket was the most treasure:
Brown Leather Fanny pack
Black Canon sure shot 35mm camera, film inside along with 2 or 3 rolls in the pack
my ID, My name is Brooke Mueller it's a California ID
-oils:I had made some oils that were in maybe 5 viles within a plastic bag.
-Chapstick and some other various things that fit in the tiny front pocket
-silver stainless steel Pickathon cup with a green klean canteen holder
-pink madonna inn water canteen

-bottle of wine
-White Faux Fur coat
-steam punk goggles

Please let me know if you have this or any of these items, but most importantly my pack with my ID and camera. I would be so happy to know they just lost their way and are coming home soon.