Found; custom chopper - probably not lost at all, but...

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Found; custom chopper - probably not lost at all, but...

Postby Elliot » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:51 pm


This chopper was gifted to Elliot's Bicycle Service and Wine Tap (repairs, loaners, unwanted bikes accepted...) at the end of the event.

But I want to make sure....

With such a hand-made work of art, it seems just possible that the creator would not readily part with it, and that the gent who gave it to me could conceivably have been "other than the rightful owner" and might have been "ditching the evidence".

I have obscured it in this photo. A detailed description would be necessary to claim it -- construction photos ought to work well.

I'm also reporting it to the BM Lost and Found folks -- as soon as I find the appropriate address.

Assuming the Ownership Discrepancy Alarm does not go off, the chopper will probably be used to promote a steampunk type event that is being planned in my local community. The local kids could definitely benefit from such inspiration.

And a thousand thanks for the gift!

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