Anyone know who the Blue Umbrella Dancers are?

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Anyone know who the Blue Umbrella Dancers are?

Post by Orbicular » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:42 pm

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Hi. My name is Josh. In 2008, i worked on a documentary project at Burning Man. In order to be able to show it to a film-festival audience, BMO is demanding permissions of all artists/playa people in my film. Most of the footage was shot from 2008-2010, so it was a while ago, but i remember seeing the blue umbrella dancers a few years running. maybe they still do it? I'm hoping someone can connect me to them. attached is a very grainy picture in case that explains better who i'm looking for.

i don't know what the etiquette is as far as posting their names/contact info as a reply here (which is relatively public). would it be better to send an email? [email protected]

thanks for any/all leads.


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