Fear not, the mutant vehicles are indeed coming!

Planning to build and bring a mutant vehicle? Talk about your plans and recruit crew members here.
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Fear not, the mutant vehicles are indeed coming!

Post by trilobyte » Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:14 pm

Peeking my head into this board and seeing a relatively small number of threads, my first thought was "holy crap, where are all of the art cars?" - and I figure that there's a good chance that probably a good many of you out there were thinking the exact same thing.

To that, I say FEAR NOT! First off, us having a separate board for mutant vehicles is a fairly new thing, so a lot of builders and drivers don't necessarily know that there's a space for them to announce their projects here. Second, generally speaking mutant vehicle builders don't often post about their rides in advance. Having been involved in a few MV's over the years, I know firsthand that there are lots and lots and lots of moving parts (literally), and especially when either building something new, or when making a significant upgrade to an existing project... you just don't quite know how it's all going to come together until you get it together. So, while you may not be seeing a lot of posts, they are being built.

Hopefully a few crews get a moment or two to post about their projects between now and when we hit the dust... but don't take the lack of threads and posted projects to mean that there will be a shortage of mobile art. Instead, think of it as more surprises in store as you get out to Black Rock City.

This should be an excellent year for mutant vehicles - not only is it the 20th anniversary of mutant vehicles on the playa, the city streets are all going to be 40 feet wide. That'll make navigating the streets much easier for a lot of MV's. I can't wait to see 'em!


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