In search of a camp

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In search of a camp

Postby laughing goat » 2 years ago

OK, stop laughing and/or shaking your head. Yes, I know this is last minute :-) Seeking a camp that can accommodate an RV. We are in our 50's, but don't know if that means anything in the time less vortex of BM. Happy to contribute work, resources (power, stove, microwave, possibly shower if I can figure out the water situation. Oh yes, and photography. Bringing a good camera (I hear the laughing again) and will be happy to take good shots of anyone seeking them. Very laid back participants.
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Re: In search of a camp

Postby trilobyte » 2 years ago

You're already self-contained campers bringing it all in with you, you may want to just come on into the city, heading over to the 3:00 side (which will most likely be less densely populated, meaning better potty service and easier to find a spot), then look for an open space. Hop out and say hello to your neighbors as you arrive, and double-check with them where their boundary may be so you can make sure everyone's got enough space.

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