French Virgin looking for a camp !!

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French Virgin looking for a camp !!

Post by xicluna » Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:28 am

Hello everybody,

yes, i'm late to find a camp I know but I'm sure is not impossible to find something good it's burning man all is possible =D

So, let's me introduce myself !!

I'm Val a French traveller, this will be my first time at BM and I really have no idea of what must happen to me during this BM but I'm pretty sure that will be awesome !!

I'm looking for a camp, I can help in anyway you want like cooking (I'm a good cook, I'm vegetarian but I can cook meat and fish with no prob's just I don't eat then after ^^), help to set up the camp (I arrive at BM on 24th august with the burner express and leave BM the first september by burner express too), take great pictures of evrybody and everything (I'm a photographer but I'm not enough crazy to bring my big camera but the camera I bring take good picture too nd the most important isn't the stuff but the eye of the artist !).

If I need to pay something for the accomodations, food, water or everything else just say it, I understand you must have everything done in your camp so that must be the only way I've to help ^^

See you soon on the playa and thanks for all !

Thanks for reading !

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Re: French Virgin looking for a camp !!

Post by snapnap » Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:10 am

Hey have you found a camp yet? I am investing in a couple ones myself as well. It's my first time's burn, I am going with a bunch of friends this year from SF as well. :)
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