Help me find this couple from 2013 for 2014 !!

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Help me find this couple from 2013 for 2014 !!

Postby paulpaulsen » Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:03 am

Hi Everyone ! :mrgreen:

I'll keep this brief and direct. I met an amazing couple on the night of the 2013 burn that I hung out with when I lost all my friends.

I was dancing next to an art car around 2 in the morning (when all the art cars surrounded the man) when I lost all my friends.

Description of the art car I was dancing next to : Huge art car (almost like an instillation) with multicolor square LEDs filling the flat facade.
The lights were like disco fish but more of a bus, or a giant facade, with two podiums on each side.
There was also a lot of white (so LED multicolored squares on white background) and people dressed in white.

After losing my friends and being disoriented I hopped on an art car that was moving where I first met an israeli soldier who gave me his soldier tag because he thought i was so passionate about life (crazy experience) then he hoped off and I started talking to the couple.

Description of the moving art car I was in: It was moving and basically making constant circles all around but staying close to the first art car i described (even though it didnt seem like it). The art car was quite a « simple » one (no offense), a kind of longiline vehicle. If you imagine two quite long sofas pasted to eachothers back, and a light roof over it. If you are sitting on one of them you are looking out the side of the car. So if the car is going straight there are people sitting looking on its left side and other on its right side, never straight in the direction its going. People were constantly hopping on and off while it was circling. Kind of like an open-limo with sofas facing the sides.

After the art car went back to its camp because the owner was tired. The camp was around 9 & A and there was a huge red draped tent over there.

The owners of the art car knew the couple so if I find the owner I find them.

We talked about a lot of things with the couple one of them was the Charades event I organized during BM2013 and we even played charades.

Maybe by finding the name of one of these art cars I can advance my search. I'm really obsessed with this !

This might sound like a more-some crush or something but it isn’t (or maybe a little bit :P ) I would just love to reconnect with this couple!

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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