Art Car Transportation Help

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Art Car Transportation Help

Post by rileysiebel » Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:20 pm

Last minute my transportation plans for getting my art car to burning man fell through. I need a truck and a trailer to get it down. I can rent a truck/trailer, but all the truck rentals I can find don't offer insurance so I won't be able to pick up the trailer... Does anyone know of a place that allows this kind of towing?

Alternatively, if anyone has either a truck (3/4 ton or larger) OR a trailer (20 ft long or larger) OR BOTH, this would solve my issue! I am located in the SF bay area.

If someone is willing to drive it down, I could pay for gas etc. Ideally it would head town Friday. As a member of the team helping to get the art car ready and on playa I would need to have you there early.

The car is approximately 18' long and as wide as a regular car. It weighs approximately 2 tons so a 3/4 ton or full ton truck is required to tow it.

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Re: Art Car Transportation Help

Post by trilobyte » Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:58 pm

Kicking this over to the Share Resources board, since that's a better fit for ride and gear haul share posts. Good luck!


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