Need a driving companion from Reno to BRC at 1:00p TUESDAY

Materials, expertise and rides...whether you need them or have them to share, you can let folks know here.
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Need a driving companion from Reno to BRC at 1:00p TUESDAY

Post by amandaMalia » Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:48 am

I was all set up -- flight in (lands at 12:45), rental car, to drive to BRC. And then my drivers license mysteriously disappeared from my wallet. So now I can't rent my car. But I need to drive in because I need to drive out Fri morning.

SO -- anyone want a FREE RIDE to playa at 1:00ish tomorrow? Just need to make one stop at Whole Foods.

You need to:

1 - have a valid drivers license
2 - we with me when I rent the car (assume 1:30 timeframe) because as the license holder, you will be listed as a driver
3 - do the actual driving to the playa since I am licenseless

I have driving out figured out.

Please contact me amanda.steinberg AT - if you don't hear back from me, please assume the seat is taken.

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Re: Need a driving companion from Reno to BRC at 1:00p TUESD

Post by Canoe » Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:19 am

Is the rental company good with this? Can you even rent a car without the paying renter presenting a driver's license?

Or does the car go in your "driver's" name, and you drive it back to Reno without them, and how would they know you'll return the car vs. leave them responsible for it...
You'll likely need some more answers before you'll get any takers.

Another way to get to BRC - Rideshare.

Unless you have a crazy amount of stuff, I'd suggest Rideshare as an option. Once at the airport, you can rideshare from there, making sure that your ride:
  • has tickets for themselves (and they'll want to see yours) as without tickets the car will be sent away from BRC back to Reno
  • is good with stopping for any supplies you need
Or you can taxi over to the Keystone Savemart, buy supplies, then take a rideshare from there.
Canoe wrote:The rideshare locations in Reno to BRC:
  • Reno airport - Air Playa Info, and
  • Keystone Savemart ... rport.html
Many find that rideshare, both giving and receiving, to be fun & rewarding.
When at the location, convention is that those waiting first get rides first, but as stated at the link above, "Be comfortable with those with whom you may share a ride".
Do make sure that everyone in your ride has either a physical ticket or Will Call information, else everyone in the car will be sent off the Playa to return those without tickets back to Reno. So expect to show your ride your ticket, and ask to see theirs.
Some more points on Reno rideshare here: viewtopic.php?f=286&t=66715#p972493
Now, if you do have workable answers to your renting with someone else being the driver, then if you end up at the Reno Airport without a driver arranged, guess where you might find a driver - at the Reno Airport Rideshare line. And both you and your driver will likely be wanting to stop for supplies. So driver and supplies for win-win!

As you're leaving the playa early, and appear that you'll be taking a flight back home, do a search here on eplaya on threads on when to leave BRC to get back in time for a flight. You'll be missing the time-chewing Exodus lines, but you want to make sure you are back in time, and you and your luggage are clean enough to be let on the flight, etc.. Later in the week, with the bumpy worn playa, the "road" from BRC back to the pavement can take a while; make sure you account for this in your timing. This applies to driving yourself and to getting a Rideshare back to Reno.
Tip: have clean clothes & shoes for the flight home sealed inside a plastic bag before you get to the playa.

If you're without car on the playa.
- Post a "Ride wanted" notice on a bulletin board at Playa Info at Center Camp. Check back there daily.
- Mention to your playa neighbours that you're looking for an early ride back to Reno.
- If desperate, go to the perimeter road towards gate but inside greeters and stick your thumb out. A sign saying "Reno" or "Reno Airport" helps.
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Re: Need a driving companion from Reno to BRC at 1:00p TUESD

Post by some seeing eye » Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:09 am

I'm sure you have looked into same day license replacement at your DMV. And it would be useful to have ID on playa if there would be any question you were over 21. Enjoy your burn!
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