Suggestions for 2015 Theme

Caravansary - This year we will create a caravansary that occupies the crossroads of a dreamland: a bazaar of the bizarre wherein treasures of every sort, from every land and age, flow in and out to be flaunted, lost, exploited and discovered. This is not a tourist destination, but a home for travelers who come here bearing gifts. Amid the twisting and the turnings of its souk, participants will come upon an inexhaustible array of teeming goods and unexpected services. Anyone may pose as 'merchant' here, and anyone may play a 'customer', but nothing in this strange emporium shall have a purchase price — no quid, no pro, no quo — no trade at all will be allowed in this ambiguous arcade. According to a rule of desert hospitality, the only thing of value in this 'marketplace' will be one's interaction with a fellow human being.
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Suggestions for 2015 Theme

Post by Casanova » Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:14 pm

So when does the theme get announced? Yea I know its only been a week since the man burned, but I am already excited for next year.
Here are mine: The Mind (the body was the theme in 2000), Rocket Man(there hasn't been a space theme yet), Fata Morgana or Surrealism would be cool too.

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Re: Suggestions for 2015 Theme

Post by ACfromSAC » Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:48 pm

Cargo Cult was somewhat space themed.... in a John Frum kinda way.

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Re: Suggestions for 2015 Theme

Post by Jovankat » Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:20 pm

There's a discussion [url]here[/url] already, not sure how serious the suggestions are though ;)

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Re: Suggestions for 2015 Theme

Post by graidawg » Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:54 pm

monkeys vs robots of course
Burners with torches is right and natural and just.-fishy.

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Re: Suggestions for 2015 Theme

Post by theCryptofishist » Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:03 pm

The Lady with a Lamprey

"The powerful are exploiting people, art and ideas, and this leads to us plebes debating how to best ration ice.
Man, no wonder they always win....." Lonesomebri

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Re: Suggestions for 2015 Theme

Post by forty_eight » Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:43 pm

Larry and the Dust Factory: The Oompa Loompa Proletarian Apocolypse

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Re: Suggestions for 2015 Theme

Post by Lonesomebri » Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:19 pm

forty_eight wrote:Larry and the Dust Factory: The Oompa Loompa Proletarian Apocolypse
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