!!Read ME!! Ticket Sellers & Seekers!

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!!Read ME!! Ticket Sellers & Seekers!

Post by trilobyte » Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:11 am

Please read through the following information before posting in the Tickets Offered or Tickets Wanted boards.

You may list Burning Man tickets and vehicle passes for sale on ePlaya at a fixed price (no auctions or 'best offer' listings), no higher than face value of the tickets/passes plus shipping costs. The listing needs to be a direct, person to person sale - no third party sales, no bulk sales (like the main sale, our limit is 2) and no links to tickets or passes being sold or auctioned through third party web sites.

Ticket raffles may only be listed in the Support A Project section of the message board. See this post for guidelines on fundraisers. Do not promote your fundraiser raffle in replies to ticket seekers' threads - if ticket seekers are interested in taking a chance and supporting an awesome playa project, they will look for your listing there.

To list your tickets and/or passes, create a new thread in the 2014 Tickets/Passes Offered message board and make sure to include the # of tickets/passes and selling price in your subject line. If you are selling tickets and vehicle passes, use only a single thread. Be prepared for a significant response to your listing. Alternatively, you can choose to browse through the threads in the 2014 Tickets/Passes Wanted message board to find an individual you would like to sell your tickets to, and then contact that person directly via private message or email to make arrangements.

If you've posted a ticket listing thread, let us know as soon as you've found a buyer. Either reply in your thread or send a message to one of the moderators. We'll change the subject to SOLD and get the thread locked up for you (which should stop the flood of responses). Once you've sold your tickets, you'll need to go to this page and follow the instructions below to transfer the name and and/or shipping address on the ticket order. Note, ticket orders may not be split up.

Note: once the name on a ticket order has been changed, any subsequent name changes will require the approval of all parties, and may take additional time for verification.

Ticket buyers are welcome to post replies in the 2014 Tickets/Passes Offered threads as well as post their own thread in the 2014 Tickets/Passes Wanted message board. Do not start multiple threads or cross-post your need for tickets in other areas of the site. If you are looking for both tickets and vehicle passes, use only a single thread. Be prepared for public scrutiny and criticism of your thread, it comes part and parcel with posting public pleas on message boards. Once you've found the tickets you need, tell us the good news. Either reply to your thread or contact one of the moderators to let us know that you got what you needed, and we'll close your thread for you.

Please do not trade on the name and reputation of a Burning Man department or team unless you are already a member of that group.

We strongly encourage you not to post your telephone number or email address in the body of your message. Make sure that your ePlaya account has your current email address listed (click here to check and make changes), and then you can allow users to contact you via email by making a change through a setting in the User Control Panel (change 'Users can contact me by e-mail' to Yes, then Submit the change by clicking the button on the bottom of the page). That will allow people to contact you (and exchange phone numbers) without exposing your personal information on a public message board.

We understand that you're excited and want to buy or sell tickets/passes asap, but please avoid excessive thread-bumping (replies that don't add to the conversation, but only serve to bump the thread to the top of the board). Do not bump a thread unless you're the original poster, and do not bump your thread more than once a week. Offenders could have their posts removed or their threads locked.

Burning Man is not able to provide ticket verification services for after-market ticket sales. Please do not send in requests to confirm tickets. See this page for information regarding ticket scalpers and scammers.

Finally, we'd like to remind you that Tickets and Passes Offered/Wanted are 'working' boards. Off-topic threads and posts may be moved or deleted by moderators. Please see the 2014 Tickets Discussion board for general ticket talk, or the Open Discussion board for general chatter and banter.

Good luck!


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