Help! Will call transfer issue

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Help! Will call transfer issue

Post by yolaine » Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:51 pm


I bought two will call tickets from someone who I trust (friend of a friend). This person sent me a letter releasing his order to me, with a copy of his driver's license and a screenshot of his original will call order (in his name).

He has tried to change the shipping name on the order to my name, but he says that when he logs on to his ticket fly account, it says "0 orders shipped". He bought the tickets through STEP in April. He had a request pending with ticket support to change the name, but has not had confirmation yet.

Anyone have any idea if the documentation we have (original order in his name, release letter to me, my ID and copy of his ID) should be sufficient for us to be able to pick up the tickets?


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Re: Help! Will call transfer issue

Post by Canoe » Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:42 am

No idea on the significance of "0 orders shipped".
Nor why he couldn't see and change the name.
As part of the screen shot, you should be able to see "Shipped To" with his name & address info. That's where you change name for Will Call orders.

That said,
Canoe wrote:I would highly recommend that at this late stage, that you NOT rely upon just the name change on the ticketfly account. They may also have communication issues at Will Call on the playa, connecting and getting the latest updates from the ticketfly site.

Personally, I would want, both:
  • a screen shot printed out, showing the order number, seller info, and your info under Shipped To (seller can make the screen shot and email it to you)
  • a letter as recommended at ... all-order-
    If you want to provide someone with extra back up, you can give them a signed letter releasing your order to them, along with a copy of your photo ID.
NOTE: that's a fax or photocopy of the seller's photo ID, matching the seller's info on the screen shot.
So you've got what they published to do, and you've got a screenshot to show the original order.
Such a letter is what we've had to do in past years for last minute transfers of Will Call tickets.
I can't think of what else you can do.
Perhaps someone else can.

I'm hoping the screen shot is real.
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