Fundraiser: More Carrot Farmers Market

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Fundraiser: More Carrot Farmers Market

Post by nakedjen » Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:03 pm

More Carrot Farmers Market gifts local fruits and vegetables from the mostly organic farms and farmers of Nevada. We also gift smoothies and salads made from these ingredients along with other delicious gifts brought by our volunteers. These things are delivered fresh from our farmers market stall at More Carrot nestled in the French Quarter and by bicycle all over the playa. We gift you living foods bursting with vitamins and minerals: just what a burner body craves.

This will be More Carrot's fourth year at Burning Man and we've expanded all of our operations this year to hopefully allow us to serve even more delicious fresh fruits and vegetables to even more of you! To do that, we're going to need some help. We're a very small camp of just 30 *carrots* who have already contributed $12,000 of our own for this rather large endeavor. Obviously, we're asking all of our very own friends, family and community for their support, but having the larger community's kind and generous support is important, as well.

As we all know, every donation helps! There's good crunchy beta-carotene karma for those who can help us with our fundraising campaign.

Love and dusty hugs,

More Carrot

P.S. We understand some of you can’t contribute financially, but you can still help if you'd like by posting this on your own facebook pages, or blog or twitter, etc. and we'd love it if you did. Thanks!

Also give Indiegogo share tools a try!
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