Fundraiser: DutchMill CORE projects needs your help!

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Fundraiser: DutchMill CORE projects needs your help!

Post by Dreadie_ » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:09 am

Dear Burners.
The Dutch CORE project needs your help!!

Our indiegogo website is up! If you can; please help us dusty dutchies bring this project to Burning Man 2013! Every little donation is much needed and appreciated! We need you to make this dream come true!!

This is the link to our Indiegogo campaign, please help us out if you can!

The DutchMill is an interactive public art piece that will represent the people, culture and art of the Netherlands at the Black Rock Arts Festival (aka Burning Man) as part of the Circle of Regional Effigies, or C.O.R.E. The project seeks to create one of the most familiar symbols of the Netherlands by errecting a large Windmill on the Playa and we feel very proud to have been accepted as a CORE project by the Black Rock Arts Foundation and given an initial grant to get started.

However, the amount of the grant is not enough to make this project and our dream come true! We need funding from people like you to help make this unique art piece happen.

Million thanks to Joost de Natris for the image!


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