FUNDRAISER: Experience Vending Machine! 7 days to go!

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FUNDRAISER: Experience Vending Machine! 7 days to go!

Post by ljholt » Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:09 pm

We have a Burning Man art grant to create an Experience Vending Machine. Please donate if you can, and/or publicize where you have connections:

The Experience Vending Machine is an installation art project produced by the Earthling Research Group (that's us!). We are converting a found 1980s snack machine into a retro-futuristic UFO, packed with kits that enhance sensory awareness and human connections.

We are raising funds to enable us to make enough packets to vend experiences to thousands of 2013 Burning Man participants. We are funded by a Burning Man arts grant that allows us to make a minimal amount of packets, but we need more money to assure that we can provide more packets, with quality experiences.

The Experience Vending Machine will be located right next to the man! This means we expect around 40,000 people to interact with the project. Our goal is to provide 10,000 packets. Each experience is inexpensive to produce, but we're dealing with SCALE here. Right now we think we can make about 2,000 packets with our own funds and the Burning Man art grant, but with an extra $2000, we should be able to stretch that to somewhere around 8 - 10,000. With more money, we can further streeeetch to supply more of the higher cost experiences (see the FAQ below).

We have nine flavors of experience:


Each will explore the wonders of your senses or encourage you to have some kind of guided adventure. Not to spoil the surprise, but let me give you one example:

Some of the TASTY packages will contain a Miraculin tablet. This small but potent biological hack, discovered by Dr. Kenzo Kurihara, will allow you to experience a new flavor reality. The small protein is believed to bind to receptors on your taste buds. The effect is clear: you now taste sour things as sweet! This effect lasts up to an hour. So, take a pill and step through the looking glass. The lemons here taste awesome!


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