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FundRaiser! "OctaLounge"

Post by ardorinertia » Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:50 pm

Hey there greater playa family! Thanks for stopping by!

At Camp Happy Hour we do a lot of things... drink, dance, and have FUN! One thing we would like to do along with all those things, is have Hookah, and an artistic Indoor public space where we can host spontaneous community events (like Yoga, Massage/Healing parlor, and circle gatherings!)

My name is Robin, and I'm heading up this project! I would appreciate any help you can provide to move this project towards its goal of landing physically on the playa and providing its participants with an invigorating ambient art and community experience! If you cant donate but you like the project and would love to help out - pass it around in your social network!

There are lots of cool "perks" available as well for those of you who can manage a donation!

THANK YOU so much! This community - we are the extent of human possibility... endless!


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