Lost Sacred Bag

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Lost Sacred Bag

Post by Earth Child » Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:28 pm

Hy Burners, hope you had an awesome burn, and am really really hoping one of you has picked up my bag from wherever I flailed it on the playa. I got the yellow Don't Despair card twice on the playa trying to look for this bag which is really, really special to me. Can you help me find it please?!

It looks something like this.....

- white cotton bag (or was once white, is probably more dusty colored now)
- it has hand stitched magical creatures on one side of it in bright colors like hot pink and green and blue. (these may also be hidden by the dust)
- single strap that goes over the shoulder

Inside of it is a bunch of my sacred things:
- cedar, sage and lavender all crushed up (to make prayer bundles with)
- a mason jar with a tapenade label on it, filled with water that's been blessed by Amma
- a giant rudraksha mala
- a bundle of hand-dyed natural fabric squares
- pieces of twine and a twine ball
- a pair of scissors with orange handles
- a pouch with a bunch of stones/crystals in it
....etc. hopefully this is plenty to identify it by

I don't think there's anything in there that will identify it back to me. =( Clearly I failed that, as well as flailed the bag. If you find it, can you please please let me know and tell me how I can recover it? If it helps at all, my info is:

Email: citizenof1world@gmail.com
Phone: 408-647-7290
Address: 2871 W. 3rd Ave., Vancouver BC V6K1M8, Canada (until the end of September 2014)
or Attn: Elaine Hsiao, UBC-IRES AERL 411, 2202 Main Mall, Vancouver BC V6T1Z4, Canada (after September 2014)

If there's anything else that you need from me to help locate or identify or forward the bag on to me, please let me know. It was lost Friday afternoon some time, fell off the back of my bike riding between camps and over bumpy dusty roads.

Thank you so so so so so much!!!

Hugs, love and peas,


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