Lost Brown Tactical Waist Bag :/

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Lost Brown Tactical Waist Bag :/

Post by SelfTwo » Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:57 pm

Hello, friends. My name is Cristian Gamez I lost a brown waist bag as i exited BRC on Monday Evening. I grabbed money for food at the general store in Gerlach from the bag. I foolishly left it on top of my trunk and drove away. A lovely group of Burners drove next to us several miles after that on highway 34/447 with a sign that read "Items are falling off of your roof!". We pulled off to the side to check but noticed that everything was tied down. I didn't realize what they were describing was the waist bag i left on my trunk until i got to our hotel in Reno. The rest of my trip to Cali was challenging to say the least.
Items in bag:
All of my credit cards and CA I.D., several Merkury power banks, several GoPro Accessories, Playa gifts, receipts and other misc. items that are of importance.

Any info helps! Much love and luck to anyone searching for lost items and those looking for the owners of items found.

Thank you ALL!

> gamezchristian@gmail.com

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