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Lost Black Leather Backpack w/ Octavia tag on bottle

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:42 am
by Octavia Savage
I left my black leather drawstring backpack on an art car with a giant cage and mirror mosaic mannequin, driven by a dude with long hair named Hill Billy (Left it on Sunday before the Temple burn while the car was parked at Buddha Lounge). The backpack has my water bottle with a tag that says Octavia 9:15 the Neighbourhood, it also has a couple black sweaters, a pair of black and white paisley leggings, a maroon band leader type jacket with big gold buttons, a pair of fingerless black gloves, a purple water pouch, a grey toiletries bag with a tincture bottle, some gum, chocolate espresso pillows, a zinc stick, and some other gifts. I would really love to reconnect with these things mostly because they are items that I use and wear on a daily basis! I'm sending out some positive energy that someone finds it and contacts me, I would be happy to pay for shipping to get it back to me and will mail you a gift in return :D Sending all the love and bliss in the Universe!