Lost Yellow/Black BUMBLEBEE Shaped BackPack, Valued Contents

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Lost Yellow/Black BUMBLEBEE Shaped BackPack, Valued Contents

Postby cumquat » Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:47 pm

Lost one cute little Bumble Bee back pack, shaped like a bumblebee and stuffed animal like, child sized with red bike light attached to top and a sharpie pen I think attached to a ring. But that’s not what was important…

INSIDE was a BLACK SONY DSC-RX100M2 CAMERA in a black case. Serial Number S01-1026176-9. Last pics taken on it I think were of the Temple..either inside of memorabilia we left for our loved ones or of the temple itself all dusty.

My 6th yr and hadn’t lost anything til now  Stood in lost in found line for 3 hrs on sun with no luck…super hope someone found it and turned it in!

Heidi aka Cumquat

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