Stolen/Borrowed Mens Silver Cruiser Bike w Flags!

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Stolen/Borrowed Mens Silver Cruiser Bike w Flags!

Post by DAX » Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:14 pm

Hello There,

I figure a few words wouldn't hurt and if it's meant to be its meant to be....

Sunday morning right at the center Coffee bike rack my mens large Silver Beach cruiser bike was stolen/borrowed forever. Stolen is a strong word but myself and 2 other friends all agree, it was there one minute and gone the next. at 8am no less! ha. Purple neon lights in the spokes, neon pink tape around both chrome handle bars. Black leather seat with a cut on the rights side. Black front wire basket and two silver 6' tall flag poles duct taped to the rear with silver & neon pennet flags (kinda hard to miss). There was a black lock on it - the code is 9163 - but was not locked obviously. I know... I know.... Ug. Oh well. I do hope someone good got it after the creaton who stole it racked up a ton of bad Karma. Attached is a photo of what it looked like in its early years...

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