Misplaced: Pier 2/La Llarona 2012 Crew Hoodie

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Misplaced: Pier 2/La Llarona 2012 Crew Hoodie

Post by LightTree » Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:12 pm

Misplaced my Pier Crew 2012 Zip Up Hoodie at Sacred Spaces Friday Night. Came back to search for it the next day and a camp member said any public lost and found may have made its way to the BRC Lost and Found. Emailed LnF, posting here, still optimistic. Maybe someone picked it up? Possibly they are reading this post now? Anything is possible and I would appreciate the warmth of that memorable zip up. Currently living from my feet, will travel to retrieve it. For the return of said garment I am offering: not-so-dusty hugs, gratitude, behind the scenes stories from The Pier/La Llarona and Embrace (oOoO juicy details, mmmm) aaand a personalized healing session (if you are open to receiving)

In Dust We Trust

LightTree (Joshua)

Look! Here's me wearing the zip up!

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