Black/Green/Brown Fluffy Fur Vest w/Hood - Offbeat Wear

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Black/Green/Brown Fluffy Fur Vest w/Hood - Offbeat Wear

Post by meikitas » Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:55 pm

-- Black/Green/Brown fur vest. OffBeat Wear tag. Mens mid-thigh length with a hood and green lining. (There was also a white fur hat and a few other furry things but the vest was the biggest thing). Similar to this vest, just different colors: ... cts_id=143

Our theme camp Romp! was at 8:30 and A. The items might be somewhere in that area. :) :)
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Other items that I am also listing separately, but in case they are found together putting it all here:
-- White Samsung NX300 camera. It had a 4GB SD card that was actually a little broken (it didn't come out of the camera easily). Among many others, there are pictures of our theme camp setup (Romp!), pictures of us setting up the Hexi-Hammock swing set, and pictures of the Headdress making workshop we held Wednesday. There is also a pic of a cat and a couple of BM pics (i think) that are on the camera memory itself, separate from the SD card. Other than the pictures on the camera I don't really have any other identifying info for the camera, I am not sure on the serial number etc. It had a long strap so you could hang the camera around your neck like a good little tourist lol. I have pics of my husband wearing it from other campmates.
Camera looks like this:

--Gold iPhone 5s with a clear case. A ridiculous number of cat pictures on phone lol. Background pic is my husband dressed up for an Opulent Temple white party and I'm in a floral headdress. It has been "offline" in the Find my iPhone thing so no luck there.
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