Please come home to us

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Please come home to us

Post by JoshuaP » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:53 pm

Dear cream colored faux-fur vest (with hood),
I'm so sorry I was so careless. I regret using you as a seat cushion to traverse deep playa. How was I to know you'd fall off whilst I stood to pedal through loose playa. I searched for you for over an hour. I scanned the dust at every flame burst, looking for your slumped silhouette.

I was so excited when we first met in early June. I could not wait to get you home and caress your supple fur. My hands trembled with excitement while cutting and sewing you to fit. We were the perfect match. Me so thin skinned and chilly, And you so snug, soft and ever so warm.

I was ecstatic to finally parade you on the playa. Remember all the compliments we received? Actually it was you who received them. "Hey, cool vest", "like the hoody" bitch'n fur".

Not a day goes by that your sleeves and I don't think about you. Please feel comfort to know that we have each other to hold and lean on during this time.

We are staying positive and truly believe we will be reunited.

You complete us,
Joshua and your sleeves

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