LOST - Grey band jacket

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LOST - Grey band jacket

Post by playabitch1000 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:08 pm

grey jacket.jpg
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Hi there, I lost a grey "band jacket" or could be described as a "union army" vintage short jacket.
Fell off on the Playa at night, while riding a blinky bicycle..ha ha..that was fun!!!
It had 2 rows of silver buttons, I think one button was missing, and had some darker accents too.
I really like it, so if you found something that sounds similar, please let me know.
My name is Matt, my cell is 415-713-3264 and my email is mw@catapult-studios.com
I have uploaded a picture that is sort of similar, not exact..a picture I found on the internet...

Please let me know. PS- that was FUN!!!!

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