Cool Reward for COOLPIX CAMERA!

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Cool Reward for COOLPIX CAMERA!

Post by lilwhits » Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:30 am

I seemed to have MOOPed my camera! I dropped it somewhere between the sugar cube structure and 4:15 & H on Saturday night after the burn.
(Nikon?) Coolpix, waterproof, shockproof.
Dark blue front. Black back.
Black neck strap attached.
Filter attachment tied (and still attached?) to front lens.
Has GPS capabilities.
Pictures in the viewing area:
last pic taken was of Sugar Cube structure. And before that, my friend is having her bare ass slapped by burners in a golf cart.
Before BM pics, there are pics of me and a 50 year old man on a boat in San Diego.

(Here's a link to what it looks like: ... oolpix.jpg)

Thank you so very much for your time!!! )*( This was my first burn.. I'd love to have pics from this special time!!!! :lol:


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