LOST htc tmobile google G2 back=OWL in ELF garb says bohoho!

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LOST htc tmobile google G2 back=OWL in ELF garb says bohoho!

Post by fireypirate » Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:40 pm

LOST htc tmobile google G2.
back = owl in elf garb says "bohoho!"

hi there good people of the playa!
sorry about the repost y'alls but couldn't edit my original post.

this phone (which has waaaay toooo much of my life on it! )
is a tmobile htc google G2 phone

& looks like any G2 on ebay right now:

http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=T- ... y&_sacat=0

it has a QWERTY keyboard that flips out when you need it.
sound familiar?
it's more or less ONLY UNIQUE FEATURE is: (please don't laugh... tooo much!!)

it has a slightly raised clothed backed decal/sticker on the back, of...
(yellow owl, green outfit and red cuffs! <<< super playa stylee!!)
also owl's holding a tiny glass of red wine - for reals!
AND... under the owl it says: "BOHOHO!"
the owl/elf is fairly well-worn at this point in it's drinking career. but i like.

the sticker/decal is cut out in the shape of the happily merry/tipsy owl/elf
and is stuck directly on to the back of the phone under the camera
on the battery cover which made of a slightly dented burnished silver metal.
Owl's kinda dirty (not too clean & shiny at this point!).
missing a few threads here & there.. etc... etc...

phone has a good dent into the metal on one corner
no camera on front (but does have a funny tiny round sensor thing that you can hardly see on the top left hand corner - that looks kind of like a camera lens!)
so there you go >>> that's my best attempt at a description for you good people.

this phone basically has my life on it. The last 11 years of contacts
(*sadly not backed up) because for some reason tmobile wouldn't let me???
but they would have - if... if i changed to a worse plan than i had!
guess i should have taken their bribe. Ouch!!!

So please, please, please...
please help me get it back.
& win a big, fat, fancy, kind & generous reward for you!!! : )

many connections to so many wonderful people in my life depend on this.

i am very happy and willing to pay finder an unreasonably EXCELLENT REWARD for it's safe return to me. THANKYOU, thank you, thank you...

i lost my phone (on either Monday Sept 1st, the day after the lovely temple burn or Tuesday Sept 2nd)
in one of 3 places:

1. at the corner of 2 o'clock and "L"
(directly across the street from the infamous Voted Best Camp - VBC)

2. in a porta-potty ( you know the kind... green/grey/blue? and dusty!)
in near middle of a row of that fine row of porta-deluxe-potties
address: at 2:00 btw H & I (Haifa & Isfahan)
(middle of the row) facing i,j,k,&l & deep playa/ mountains direction

i'm really, really hoping that i set it down on the loo-roll holder
- as an act of pure delerium inspired spun-out self-sabotage!!!
pure genius i know! ~ : )

3. only other possibility is that i lost it on Tuesday morning Sept 2nd (10 am - 12noon)
while stopped at the "LAST BAR STANDING"
Address: at 4:15 & L (Lapis Lazuli), Black Rock City, NV

i'd still had it at 2&L the previous evening before going to the portapotties
and then went to sleep. only went to LAST BAR STAnNDING after that : (

driving on L i was pulled over in my van by an enthusiastic dude from
Last Bar Standing
who tempted me to pull over with a very generous offer of a cooked breakfast & a cool beverage! i was convinced easily & soon found myself in the company of some very nice & friendly playa peeps still sharing the love.

i left my van unattended for over an hour with the windows open while i sat at their makeshift bar counter. never even thought of locking it up to be honest! my van was behind me & direct view of it was blocked by another larger van while we all shot the breeze & had one last playa-style great time.

it was when i was leaving here that i discovered that my phone was missing!!! : (
i was fairly certain i still had it up until this point. i hate to think that someone took it but it is a possibility. i don't know & i really wish i knew. even thinking & wondering & now writing this really sucks. ; (

while there at the bar a super coool activist/poverty advocate/actor/playa barperson dude (tom?) told me all about his involvement with the other "LAPD" ->
(the LA Poverty Dept) theater company
& some of their really excellent and wonderful projects that they were involved with:

http://www.vice.com/read/tales-from-the ... tion-story
http://www.laassubject.org/index.php/di ... department

sounded like they were awesome good peeps involved with awesome good work (hence my inclusion of the links to them and their good work! )
we kicked it for a while & i gave em a case of beers.

when i went to leave i discovered my phone was nowhere to be found in my van.
think someone may (i say "may" but i really hope not) may have grabbed off my dash. still hoping i left it at the porta-potties...

please, please, please help!
i will give a ridiculous reward for the safe return of this 3 or 4? year old
(practically worthless on re-sale, $5-maybe $20 on a really good day!) cell-phone.


looks identical to this phone on e-bay right now (only mine had the owl sticker/decal)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/HTC-G2-Slide-T- ... 1306936940

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