lost LG Optimus F6 for Metro PCS

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lost LG Optimus F6 for Metro PCS

Postby johnalso » Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:18 pm

Hi, Johnalso here. I am in search of a fellow burner(s) whom found my phone and then contacted me on my partners phone through my phone and then promised to send it back to me. you say you live within 2 hours of the bay area. I have yet to receive the phone. I am more then wiling to pay any fee it will cost to post it. It is the only place I had phone numbers of my family in Ireland as well as the sd card. those are the only pictures of the burn as well as other pictures. We had just returned from a visit to Ireland and had failed to save any of the info onto another form of media/memory before rushing off to the desert. You did not provide me with any other way to contact you except my own phone and our last communication was when you said you were dropping the phone in the mail. that was 2 months ago!? I am willing to drive anywhere in the greater bay area and beyond. in fact I am just wanting the info, numbers and photos, I do not need the phone back, I have since replaced it. I am looking for a good day trip, we can go to lunch or not just contact me. thank you Johnalso, 415-240-0348 or 415-240-1656

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