Alex with beautiful eyes from NYC

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Alex with beautiful eyes from NYC

Postby Brith » Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:22 pm

We met at the burn saturday night. You were watching it alone and we had a great honest talk. You said you were hoping to meet some nice people at the burn, and I responded that I was glad we found you. I was there with my best friend and we told you that you had beautiful eyes. You said you thought my eyes were beautiful too. We had a great connection and eye contact. You were wearing a turban and heavy eyeliner, looked like a beautiful prince of Arabia. You are American, have lived in India and Brasil but are now living i New York. You are an artist, a former dancer, aged 36. My name is Brith Jespersen, I am from Denmark and live in Copenhagen. Before you left, you said you were hoping we would meet again and so would I! But for some reason, we didn't exchange emails or phone numbers. Please connect with me in the default world..

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