Satori. (Walter Camp? Chicago?)

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Satori. (Walter Camp? Chicago?)

Postby letgo » Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:24 pm

I stumbled upon you in a complete white-out dust storm in the deep playa. Just few minutes after I made few resolutions, made peace with myself, pulled my pants off and dived into the unknown). You and your friends were just laughing naked among the field of abandoned bicycles, by the big rusty vw beetle. And somehow made me feel that I Am on the right way. To something right). That meeting somehow took a big part in a big transformation. Somehow. It just felt that way. And I am thankful for that.
I never seen your face, you never seen mine.
I didn't memorize names of your colleagues, except Joel. Maybe he even told you that I was looking for you after and gave you my info). It doesn't matter now.
I only wish that I hugged you before you went back to your car and I continued my journey to the Temple.
And maybe that we found each other later).

But this whole thing is about letting go, right?) So I'm letting you go and be my amazing experience). Thank you, Satori).

P.S. ..and I don't thing I ever lost you — I would just like to find you again;)).


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