Lost: whale bone WEDDING RING

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Lost: whale bone WEDDING RING

Post by jarredmm » Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:59 am

Hi there. It's a long shot but I believe my wedding ring fell off my finger while biking from the 2 & 3 o'clock areas while heading back towards 9 o'clock areas. It was made for my wife and I shortly after we moved away from Hawaii and recently engaged. My friend who made it was gifted the whale bones by an older Kahuna of his and used the same cut of bone for both rings allowing the patterns in the marrow to line up. If it was a metal ring I wouldn't be as devastated knowing it could be re-purchased, but obviously this is not the case. These are only a few of the special characteristics that go into the story of the ring.

As if finding a ring on the playa wouldn't be hard enough, there is no metal in the ring and the color of the bone and marrow is almost the exact same as the playa. My wife and I went to burning man together as a "first date" 4 years ago and keep trying to tell ourselves that it makes sense somehow that it was left there where we fell in love, but it sure would be a lot nicer if we got it back. Let me know. Thanks for reading.

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