Stolen Guestbook from my Art Installation

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Stolen Guestbook from my Art Installation

Post by chromatest » Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:01 am

I had an art installation out there called "Illusions of Grandeur". It was an 8 foot high by 16 foot wide interactive wall of LEDs around 10:45 and 4600' (fairly close to where Balloon Chain was being created).

I had a guest book there up until at least Wednesday evening. It was in a zip-lock bag with 5 colors of pens. It was about 5 inches wide and 8 inches high, bound at the top with two screw rivets. The cover was a non-descript grey color with the following written on it:

"Illusions of Grandeur"
"A 2014 Burning Man Installation"
"Feel Free..."

It was last seen at the installation on Wednesday evening, and it was half-filled with drawings, thank-yous, and stories about playa adventures. The last page had a personal note from my girlfriend (she gave me the guestbook).

The book was gone Thursday night, though the zip-lock bag with 5 colors of pens was still there.

The book is the connection that I get to have with the people who enjoy my artwork.

If you have the guest-book, I would really like it back. If you have any information about it, please share it with me.

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