Found - and Lost - iPhone 4

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Found - and Lost - iPhone 4

Postby tffy » Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:57 pm

Okay, this is a shitty story that... well... yeah.

Found an iPhone 4 on 4:00 and C crossing (roughly) - in a orange plastic case. Texted the top 4 numbers with 'Found iPhone, tell me who to send it to'. Got a response from 2 people... the phone belonged to a tall blonde by the name Sha...something from Reno. Said 'getting off the playa and back home on Tuesday'. Got to San Luis Obispo Tuesday night. Unloaded everything from out of the truck/trailer, put most of the stuff in a pile next to the door of my room. Put the bag with clothing and iPhone in it onto the back of my sporty car. Went to take a shower, get ready, went out DT to meet up with friends. Didn't notice that the bag was still on the trunk of the car. Pretty sure I felt/heard something fall once on the main road, but didn't pay attention.

Only realized I can't find it - all my clothes and the iPhone - only on the next mid-day. Craigslist has produced no responses thus far - and chances are whoever picked up a duffle bag at 10pm with an unlocked iPhone in it ain't going to be returning it. So, a clusterf*ck of epic proportions. Just wanted to speak into the ether in case the person who owned the phone reads this. Sorry. So sorry. I'm out of a lot of memorable clothing now too. :(

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