Nuclear Dream 2014 Fundraiser

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Nuclear Dream 2014 Fundraiser

Post by garyt » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:51 pm


The Las Vegas Burner Community is building a community project this year and would love to have your support to make this happen! You can do so by checking out or indiegogo campaign at the link below. And as they say, every dollar helps! We thank you in advance for your very generous support. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Nuclear Dream Indiegogo

You can also take a look at our proposal at our website and see regular updates on our Facebook Page

The effigy will suggest a nuclear bomb has accidentally fallen from the sky and embedded itself in the playa where it may soon explode. It will be tilted at a 10 degree angle to further suggest what has occurred was an accident. The structure will stand at 30’ tall and be approximately 16’ wide. The front of the piece will have the Atomic Dream neon sign. The back of the piece will have a door serving as access to the inside. Suspended on the inside will be the Atomic Chandelier. This piece will pay homage to atomic design and will illuminate the interior of the structure.

At the top of the exterior, in the center of the tail fin, will be four flame effects; one large poofer surrounded by three small ones. As users press the buttons below these will go off creating an effect of the engines still sputtering even though the bomb is lodged into the ground. The exterior will also be illuminated by strips of LED’s running along the vertical ribs of the structure. These will shift in an upward motion through yellow, white and red, mimicking the color pallet of the neon sign.

Our Story:
Nuclear Dream started as an idea for a CORE installation. The community got behind the concept and soon realized they would not do the project justice if they were to stay within the confines of CORE. Through a vigorous democratic process, we decided that this project would take all the philosophies of CORE, and create a non-CORE project that would represent our fabulous city. It is appropriate that the project represents a metaphorical leak from the Core. Who better to pioneer Core-leaks than a radioactive city like Las Vegas? Nuclear Dream is our fallout project.


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Re: Nuclear Dream 2014 Fundraiser

Post by Christian The Jew » Mon May 12, 2014 11:06 am

I would really like to see this on the playa. As I am bringing the theme of war/ nuclear war/fallout/ apocalypse to burning man in the form of a survivor of the apocalypse. If this is going to happen, I'd like to pitch some caps to help out.
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