Seattle Washington "Mount Infinity" by SEAWEED + Fundraising

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Seattle Washington "Mount Infinity" by SEAWEED + Fundraising

Post by ftl_speed » Sat May 31, 2014 10:51 pm

Greetings to the lovely Washington burners in the world of EPlaya!

I come bearing important news that you should probably be aware of, especially you who wish to support big art and also the burning of said art!

The artist collective formerly known as SeaC.O.R.E. is building a large mountain to take to the playa this year!
Our IndieGoGo video and FaceBook page say it best but here is a run down.

Mt Infinity is a 20foot high climbable wooden mountain with roughly the profile of Washington’s Mt Baker. Faces will be adorned with several different kind of hand and foot holds to enable participants to climb to the top of the mountain at several levels of difficulty. Additionally, an inclined path circling the mountain will allow those without climbing skills to access the top. Once at the top, climbers will look down into an Infinity Pool*. Each face of the mountain will be painted with a different theme (ie: craggy peak, meadow, glacial river). The inside of the mountain will be accessible through a cave opening half way up one side, where participants will find an infinity pool above them. Hidden speakers will play nature sounds. The exterior crags and crevasses will be lined with colored LEDs to provide a fanciful light show throughout the nighttime hours.

Indrigued? Interested in being part of Mt Infinity? There are currently 4 different and amazing ways to donate! Spread the word!

Option 1: Donate through Shunpike any time.
We pay 7% fees on this.
You get a receipt for tax deductibility, as Shunpike is our corporate sponsor.
If you have corporate matching, it will work here. ... core-2012/

Option 2: Donate through our Indiegogo!
Our fees here vary from 5-9% depending on whether we hit our fundraising target.
No tax deductibility.
Perks included (and they are awesome).
No corporate matching possible.

Option 3: Donate directly via paypal ( or check.
No fees here if you use a "friends and family" donation through paypal.
Also no tax deductibility.
No perks included.
No corporate matching possible.

Option 4: Buy a ticket to one of our fundraisers!
Last years "God Damned Pig Roast" was a smashing success! So, Were going to do it again!
Upgrades for this year include Vegetarian Options! It's crazy, i know... Were going to do it anyway. ;-)
Keep an eye out for tickets!
No tax deductibility or corporate matching.

Direct questions? Comments? Gripes? please feel free to contact our president "Hawaii" at his address "ftl.speed" in the domain of ""

Burn On!
Casey "Hawaii"


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