Tardis help- Fundraiser

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Major Ruckus
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Tardis help- Fundraiser

Post by Major Ruckus » Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:14 am

Hey everybody,

I am sad to say that the Tardis mutant vehicle has crashed and has taken a lot of damage. The spinning frame is beyond repair but all is not lost. I still have the frame from the 2012 version and I am working hard to get it repaired and back together. This has doubled the work I have and has driven the project out of the budget. We are opening a fundraiser with the hope of raising some of the money to do the repairs and get the Tardis to Black Rock City. Tardishelp Any amount given would be super awesome and we will be forever grateful!

Thank you and see you in the dust,

P.S. I am the kind of person who does not like to give up and I will still be trying to bring some form of The Pandorica. I am attaching a pic of where I stopped to concentrate of the Tardis repair.
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Tiny Bones
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Re: Tardis help- Fundraiser

Post by Tiny Bones » Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:07 pm

Hey everyone!! Bones here, I'm working on the Tardis project with Major Ruckus and I'm here to bring a few updates your way! The Tardis rebuild is coming along nicely! Some new wood and fresh paint can go a long way! However we are still looking for as much support as we can get! Any and all help is incredibly appreciated! Even if it's just one dollar, it really does count!
Burners, spread the word to your Whovian friends!
Whovians, spread the word to your companions!

Here are some photo updates on our Tardis!

Lovely walls rebuilt and painted!

Tardis topper redone and some fresh paint!
Teensy tiny lIttle bones.


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