Mutant Vehicles - What's New For 2015

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Mutant Vehicles - What's New For 2015

Post by trilobyte » Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:47 pm

The Burning Man Department Of Mutant Vehicles has asked us to help them get the word out on a couple key new things for mutant vehicle builders, drivers, and crew. If you're one of the awesome people that helps bring amazing mobile art to the playa, PLEASE READ THIS and share it with the other members on your team.

Laser Safety on Mutant Vehicles
We’ve added a Laser Safety team available at the DMV between 2 and 6 pm every day the DMV is open to inspect and approve lasers mounted on Mutant Vehicles.

Board Safely: At Full Stop and Never Between Vehicle and Trailer
Participants should be sure a MV is at a full stop before attempting to board or exit. Never attempt to board or exit a Mutant Vehicle while it’s in motion. MVs with trailers may have blind spots between the vehicle and the trailer, so we are now requiring that there be a barrier against boarding in this zone:
This barrier must have a minimum height of no more than 12 inches from the playa surface and a maximum height that is either equal to the maximum height of the Mutant Vehicle (this is intended to accommodate very low vehicles) OR no less than 36 inches above the playa surface.The barrier must be in place before the vehicle moves and must remain in place at all times when the vehicle is in motion.
Fuel Safety
For the safety of passengers and crews, Mutant Vehicles may not carry extra liquid fuel. Portable gas cans are not to be carried on Mutant Vehicles unless the vehicle is traveling from to or from the fueling station and camp to drop off the fuel.

Safety Through Fashion: Visually Distinctive Attire for Large Vehicle “Walkers”
For large (or even small) vehicles with limited driver visibility, easily identifiable walkers and/or spotters are required. Examples of distinctive walker markings/attire include; reflective safety vests, brightly colored or reflective hats, brightly colored or reflective bandanas, brightly colored or reflective shirts.


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