Need a space for your impromptu event?

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Need a space for your impromptu event?

Post by Candybox » Thu Aug 27, 2015 1:11 pm

Do you need a space to host your event or interactive playa gift?

The Magic Lantern at EBB & Glow (3:15 and C) is a beautifully appointed space of opportunity. Our garlic-shaped lotus belle tavern is filled with old furniture, exotic curios, and comfy floor pillows, and is open to the public 24/7. You are welcome to set up shop and host your event whenever you feel like it. No need to pre-arrange anything. There's a chalkboard out by the bike racks (on the EBB & Glow sign) for you to write your event down and advertise to the public. We have a prime location near the 3:00 portal.

Examples of stuff that we're doing (when we feel like it): Face-painting, hookah lounge, popup speakeasy, trading booth, fortune-telling, wedding reception, workshops

Our only rule is that everything has to be open to public (no private events). Cheers!


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