Tiger Van offers ride from DC to all points west - Aug 17th

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Tiger Van offers ride from DC to all points west - Aug 17th

Post by mackerous » Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:55 am

Hobbes, the amazing tiger van, and his trainer, Mack, are offering rides from the DC area to all points west. I should be on playa the 26th/27th, so Wed/Thurs pre-event. Anyone in cities within a reasonable path towards Reno will be considered.

The route is flexible and there should be plenty of room for bags, boxes, or even a bike or two. I ask you share gas costs and a few hours of driving would be nice, but not necessary (I've made the trip cross-country a few times solo). Hobbes gets about 15mpg, so you do the math. I used to live in the van so I'll be sleeping in it on the trip, but we can probably find friends to crash with on the way or camping spots.

Hobbes is a 1999 Ford E150, with terrible acceleration, no A/C, and a bad-ass paint job, driven to nearly every state on my adventures.

Mack is a 32 year old balloon artist, world traveler, Couchsurfer, Burning Man-goer, punk, IT guy, film geek, and probably some other stuff.

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