Need ride from SFO to Reno or BRC Saturday or Sunday

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Need ride from SFO to Reno or BRC Saturday or Sunday

Post by Sundial » Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:17 pm

Hi there! I'm looking for a ride from San Francisco on Saturday or Sunday. Ideally I'd get all the way to BRC with one ride, but just getting me as far as Reno would be helpful too (I don't have an early arrival pass). A ride back to Reno after the Burn would be a bonus, but that's optional. Expected cargo is two packing crates (26" x 19" x 17"), a 40L hiking backpack, a duffel bag, a personal size cooler, two 5gal water jugs (or maybe four 2.5gals) and a small aluminium pole (1" x 1" x 3'). My only major requirement is that you drive safe and sober. If we're going all the way to BRC, I'd prefer you have a physical ticket like me (not will call) and drop me off directly at my camp. I am of course willing to offer gas money for the privilege, and am open to discussing other forms of compensation.
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