Those in need of a VP who entered VP only OMG sale

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Re: Those in need of a VP who entered VP only OMG sale

Post by Bemerritt » Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:45 pm

Not sure why giving my code to someone else to use to buy a vehicle pass would be a bad thing. It would only be one pass purchased with that code. Feel like it is well within the "help the community" vibe. If I don't use the code, it would go to waste.

Hopefully I wasn't clear enough and you thought I was buying multiple passes with one code. That is certainly not the case. Please let me know if i am in the wrong. Thanks!

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Re: Those in need of a VP who entered VP only OMG sale

Post by trilobyte » Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:46 pm

Ticket sale registrations were not transferable (ie sharing codes wasn't cool), and unique to the burner profile that they were registered to. Sharing or passing along the registration code to another person doesn't just "help the community" but it enables people to game the system and purchase tickets or passes unfairly from those who registered for themselves. Know that passing along a unique code to another user with a different burner profile/name/address could result in all parties' orders for tickets and vehicle passes being voided, and future difficulties with purchasing tickets (since you'd potentially be a part of the high risk group).

That said, as the OMG sale has ended I'm shutting this thread down. Bottom line is that codes, registrations, and burner profiles are not transferable.


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