Seeking a Vehicle Pass? Work to get to the burn by gifting

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Seeking a Vehicle Pass? Work to get to the burn by gifting

Post by some seeing eye » Thu Aug 20, 2015 3:23 pm

Social media: Facebook, ePlaya and lesser social outlets frequented by burners like Craigslist and Reddit are filled with angst ridden pleas for vehicle passes.

The vehicle pass system, as has been discussed to death here, is to allow the event to grow in tickets and reduce traffic injury and death, in an out. You are not a special exemption from that intent, even though you think you are.

There are 4000 low income ticket holders with golden will call vehicle passes. If you are seeking a vehicle pass, adopt one of them! Maybe they would even like to join your camp! Give them a free ride! Reach out to them, do not expect them to contact you. And don't be creepy, arrange in person or video chats to be sure everyone is trusting, compatible and safe!

(Just today I was discussing this with a low income ticket holder. They are 'I'll just take the burner express, the only person who contacted me to ride share was creepy'. There is a VP you could have engaged along with a person. That exchange is private between us, so no, you cannot contact that individual through me. Period)
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Re: Seeking a Vehicle Pass? Work to get to the burn by gifti

Post by Jovankat » Thu Aug 20, 2015 5:57 pm

Burner express bookings closed last night so your Low Income friend will need to find anther option if they haven't booked yet.


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