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Art Theme section

Post by BBadger » Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:30 am

Does the "Art Theme" subsection description really need to quote the entire first paragraph of the theme site? Usually the description is at most 2-3 lines (word-wrapped); the current paragraph takes up about 6-10 depending on screen size.

Just the first sentence would sum it up without being so wordy:

"Burning Man’s 2016 art theme is inspired by the Italian Renaissance of the middle fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, when an historic convergence of inspired artistry, technical innovation and enlightened patronage launched Europe out of medievalism and into modernity."

The description could even contain a link to the page above if more information is needed.

Despite the length of the description, there isn't any actual mention of what the theme actually is. Perhaps the "Art Theme" forum name could also be changed to contain the theme name, e.g. "Art Theme: Da Vinci's Workshop".
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Re: Art Theme section

Post by trilobyte » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:09 am

Yep, it's wordier this year... and that's okay.

Actually, I made one small tweak - replacing "Burning Man's 2016 art theme" with "Da Vinci's Workshop" (the former was intended as a placeholder, and meant to have been swapped out).

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